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As a retired farmer, I am amazed that the city folk continue to live their lives without seemingly a care for the environment.

Sadly, city folk can travel (usually by motor vehicle or bus) to their supermarkets and purchase whatever they need - with scant regard for the price they have to pay for those items.

As a young boy I recall my grandfather saying that pastures need to be well grassed with plenty of trees to provide shade for animals. Now as a grandfather myself, I am saddened to report we (the people) have allowed the various governments to over-look (and not require) the basic farming requirements of keeping pastures well grassed, because unless well grassed valuable topsoil will blow away and is lost forever for grazing lands.

As a young boy I recall my parents, sisters and brother spending hours tilling the soil, planting crop seeds and reaping our crops. Now that I am retired I do live in a city where I grow my own foods (as much as possible) using hydroponics.

I am pleased to advise that for my age I am much healthier than most of my friends who have also retired. Not only does hydroponics provide me with quality fresh foods it is a healthy relaxing part time and very easy to manage. Whilst I am not a vegetation my heating habits have changed as I now eat less meat since I believe beef is a less efficient converter of grain feeds, however, I do acknowledge that beef does provide some nutrition that is of benefit to mankind. I first became an environmental contributor in 1966.

I am proud to say I am a member of the Website-OwnersClub.Com and can confirm that their assistance has gratefully help me realise the dreams of bringing my environmental concerns to the notice of the public. I also thank the many other volunteers who assist me because they also share concerns and interest in the environment and I encourage you to promote this website and its activities to all your friends whenever you get the opportunity.

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