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We all acknowledge
the big environmental problems
facing the World.

The big question is
What can YOU do about it in a real meaningful practical way?

We all know that Mums know best
so I asked my Mum what to do
and my Mum has suggested several easy steps that
everyone can easily and quickly follow

  1. Use the water you need, do not waste it.
  2. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.
  3. Use a bucket or basin of water (rather than leave the hose or tap running) to save water.
(I told my Mum she was doing a good job with those 3 ideas and to keep going - then she added)

  1. Set the home thermostat closer to a more moderate temperature so it is still pleasant inside but not as hot or cold as before - either increase or decrease the amount of clothes you wear inside to help adjust your body temperature, so we don't use as much energy heating and cooling.
  2. To adjust "programmable switches" to go off at night (or run on low), so that our house is not being cooled/heated while we are asleep - (thanks Mum, this is easy to do and I should not be so selfish, I promise to not ignore this idea because it is not so inconvenient to do so).
  3. Incandescent bulbs waste lots of energy in the form of heat, and they don't last as long as fluorescent bulbs, and then there is the newer type of "cold bulbs" - these cooler bulbs do cost more to purchase but their running costs are a lot lower to operate (see Mum's next tip).
  4. With the newer "cool" bulbs it is far more economic to leave the light ON than to be turning the light ON and OFF constantly all the time - (actually leaving these "newer type on" uses far less electricity and lengthens the life of the bulb) so this is better for the environment - Mum says this makes an ideal environmental friendly birthday and Christmas present - (it's about $US2.40 Euro 2.10 $A3.20 $Can3.40 HKD20.40 RMB 19.20).
  5. Do not wash clothes and similar items every day because it is a waste of electricity and water - save items till you have a full washing machine load - then wash using cold water.
  6. Take more care about what you flush down the toilet or let sit in a street gutter - so much rubbish is flushed down the drain as a quick and fast method of "rubbish disposal" - think about others who are part of this world who need THAT water to survive ... like fish, tadpoles, plants and trees ... perhaps THAT pollution could even kill them.
(that is great but come on Mum, I need one more good idea to make 10 excellent ideas from you)
  1. ... Well, instead of taking groceries home from the shop in a plastic bag, take a string or material bag when shopping, and so by using that bag it would help save on plastic bag rubbish that is taken to landfills.
I said Mum you are the greatest that is 10 really good ideas from you - so what can I do now? and Mum said well why not ask others to ask their friends and family to each tell you 10 ideas each and to email those ideas to myideas @ ourenviro.com

So it is over to you now what about 10 ideas from you? - I have even saved the next 10 spaces for you.

11. ideas from YOU
12. ideas from YOU
13. ideas from YOU
14. ideas from YOU
15. ideas from YOU
16. ideas from YOU
17. ideas from YOU
18. ideas from YOU
19. ideas from YOU
20. ideas from YOU
21. (and what about your friends giving 10 more ideas)
22. ...

Email us to share your ideas with others who access this site.
Please contribute ideas.

When we all read these ideas IT WILL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE

... IF ...

This site is being upgraded and we would appreciate receiving your suggestions.

Please email suggestions to ... myideas @ ourenviro.com


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