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World Environmental Survey

  1. This survey should take less than 1 minute to complete,
  2. We do not ask or request any name or other identification,
  3. Should be completed by people of all ages and Countries, because we are all citizens and part of this - Our World.
  4. The Child Online Privacy Act of 1998 (COPA) prevents us from asking those under 14 - sorry!
Your Email address
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Sex Male Female
Age Range 14-20
Do you currently re-cycle? Yes No
Do you believe the World faces Environmental problems? Yes No
Will these environmental problems eventuate? Never In your lifetime After your lifetime
Select YOUR major areas of concern Air
Land fill
Do you believe we have a responsibility to future
generations to care for the environment NOW?
Yes No
Select preferred ways to receive more information? email
RSS Feed
TV programs
Video link
Select YOUR areas of interest Air pollution
Carbon Credits
Fuel alternatives
Human habits
Land fill
Plants and trees
Power generation
Save forests
If shown how to be Environmentally Friendly,
would you change your ways?
Yes No
Do you currently support any Environmental Group by
- work or donation?
Yes No
Would you be prepared to support Environmental Groups
- financially?
Yes No
Would you be prepared to support Environmental Groups
- research work at home?
Yes No
Would you like to earn more money doing work at home
- using the internet?
Yes No

Second Income Source Have Want/Need Not Applicable

How did you discover - this World Environmental Survey?
Email Website Search Engine Other

Friends Email (if appropriate)

Do you have an environmental site(s) you would like to recommend? (www - optional)
(32 characters)

Do you have an idea for a Project? Yes No

Please briefly describe your idea (we will email you later for more details) as only 40 characters available.


Thank you for participating in this World Environmental Survey

Thank you for your Donation

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