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We are conducting a worldwide survey to receive input from as many people as we possibly can to gain feedback on public opinion.

We encourage you, your family and friends to participate in this Survey.

Your Photos
If you have any photos that would be suitable to display highlighting good and bad aspects of the environment (eg pristine and pollution photos).

Please email photos to
for display on our Photo Page which we will be releasing shortly.

Environmental Blog
In the near future we will open a blog in order that you may have your say about environmental issues.

Canadian assistance
We thank a number of Canadians for assisting us link our World Environmental Survey to a database in order that we can collect and collate the results.

Their kindness is very much appreciated as we are not programming experts like them. By everybody contributing in their own way we make this a better world.

Your feedback is important to us and we look forward to your comments to help us improve this site.

Please inform us if you find any errors on this site.



air, water, plants, land, ocean, industry and production
have a major effect on environmental destruction
and the impact issues cause on natural human health?

A current study to find solutions and causes of global warming and climate change that effect ecosystems by pollution is being held in a current survey on environmental issues. Your opinions and understandings are important for us to know.


It is with absolute great pride and thrill that I can report ...

"That some of our supporters are in deep discussion with a well financed NGO and it appears that we will shortly be in a position to assist in the direction of spending substantial money to effect the problems of global warming."

This opportunity is so exciting because it appears we will be able to assist the environment in very many ways.

It is therefore imperative that as many people as possible complete the study in our World Environmental Survey in order that we can find solutions to the global issues, as well as competent and interested persons to assist us. Your perception is very important.

In addition if you have thoughts for suitable environmental projects we would be very keen to receive you input and may even be able to have you involved in the longer term which would include payment of a fee to you from the NGO for project management assistance.

On this site we invite you to participate and tell us what you think about the major problems that effect environmental issues and provide us with your solutions on how we can follow your advice on how to help.

There are many simple things that can be done without any real cost involved
          (maybe even making savings)
                              and if enough people make the effort
                                 to change their lifestyle then


If everyone does their best to make an effort to protect and restore this "Earth", (on which we are entirely dependent), then the health of this "our home" can be nursed back to good health.

If you are ready to get out and do your bit - make a commitment to think about the environment each day - and remember perhaps you have a simple solution to help others make that difference in their own lives (and you do NOT need a Ph. D. to give advice).

Current Activities

As mentioned in our News Header, we are most grateful to a fine group of Canadians who are assisting us by writing computer software that will enable people to Sign-in to this site using a Password (that can be changed).

This feature will enable the person signed in to have their "like to be known as" name displayed on each screen (top right hand side - near the Sign-out button).

In addition, these kind Canadians are also writing code to save the answers to our World Environmental Survey into a DataBase. This will enable us to deduce a range of opinions from a large collection of people broken down in groups such as Industry and by Occupation.

Results will be published from time to time on this web site.

Future Features

Upon completion of the above computer Projects, we shall consider the addition of a Blog so that we can discuss environmental topics, and in addition, believe that it is time for a RSS feed from several reliable sources to be incorporated on the HomePage.

In answers to the questions, when might we have our own RSS that will enable our site visitors to be updated when new material is posted - this will seriously be considered and we shall seek advice from our "technical guru(s)". Your input is welcomed.

This site is being upgraded and we would appreciate receiving your suggestions.

Please email suggestions to ... myideas @ ourenviro.com


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